Amir Arhami


Art Director / Founder

A dreamer,
Barca Lover

Born in the last day of 20th century, December 31st, 1999. Working with computer's stuff from the childhood. Grew up with these things and finally started web design in the age 11. Learnt HTML, CSS and Javascript intuitively in 2 years and then tried to write back-end codes; But after a while realized that Fancies Design, not server things. After that, went to Android UI and related stuff; But in the long run, hugged WUI back and started to try for professional awards, such as Awwwards, FWA, CSSDA, etc! Generally he is a freelancer, but accepts branding projects with the name of his group, Persia Studio.

"He just needs to stick with his potential!"
Tobias van Schneider, Founder of Semplice™
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