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Persia Studio

A design studio by Amir Arhami.

We are a digital design group. Our group works on programming and graphical projects; The priority of design is very high in our projects. Persia is always working with modern and up-to-date clients and loves to give them crazy but lovely projects!

  • Web Design
  • Mobile Apps
  • Branding

We have a lot of experiences on web UI design and its back-end development. We submit our websites on well-known directories and they must win awards!

Designing and developing Android and iOS apps is one of our services. As we have said before, our focus is on the User Interface and User Experience. We’ve won some awards on this field. ;)

Brand is the personality of a startup. We know the most professional terms and principles of branding. The art director draws the path of the project, and guys make it real!

We believe that the innovation is in
We only handle projects which will be
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Emad Delkhosh
Graphic Designer
Amir Khadangi
Back-end Developer
Amin Alamipour
Amir Arhami
Art Director / Founder


The story of Persian Blue.

The story of Persian Blue.

Introducing Amir Mohammad.

Introducing Amir Mohammad.